Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday wakes up with us. I get ready for work. Did the lawn yesterday. What's left of it. i ordered a set of Xbox headphones. Have to pick them up today.there is only 2 of us transporting today, hope it won't get too crazy! What is for lunch I wonder. Golden mushroom soup was hot, sat there and looked at it for about 12 minutes. Circled the kitchen a couple of times, and pretended I was checking my watch, but I wasn't wearing one actually, and I was alone, so who was I pretending for it reminded me, the cats maybe? I do have she drew pictures, i circled around some more, cats played, while some of them slept. it was a busy day at work today. i walked many miles, there is no better feeling, than waking up and knowing that you are going to work today, to me its a honor, i am lucky, really, to have a destination, i will do my part today, not to just earn that pay, but to be that small wheel that turns bigger wheels and so on .... i truly believe that if you do the best you can around you, like a ripple , if we all do it , it will become a wave, and we can change the world, it will go out and make it a better world.

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