Saturday, August 7, 2010

Pleasant Visitors come and go

Last month we had visitors. Kirsi finely got to meet his grandson, Kaarpo, one year old now whom i have to say is a quite a joyful character, smart, so very happy and cool. he rocked to music any chance he got nodding his head , tapping his feat and walked around and lit up the rooms like a little sun he is. Sirpu like kirsi always says is the perfect mom and you could see and feel so very clearly all the love that she has for him when she holds or looks at him. Her boyfriend Lauri also is very bright young man and a good dad, of course accompanied them.
We tried to show some of Hollywood and Los Angeles area, also some of the beaches. At nights we barbequed and sat outside and kirsi caught up with all the news from Finland. We both hope that they will come back soon and stay longer next time. Kirsi also has a son that we are hoping will visit us next few months.

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