Monday, February 8, 2010

when i stood at the gates, i was tired, tired like i haven't slept a thousand years. but i stood still and wondered if this was real or just a dream. in dreams we accept things so easily, in a dream you find yourself standing with a friend and even though you never seen this face before something tells you he is and has been your best friend as long as u remember, and u believe it. are your dreams like this, they come with their own history, back up singers and own memories, and what strange thing is to remember something in a dream and all the little things that make up your life at the moment of now? you dream of a strange house it doesn't look like anything that u live in now but in the dream you lived here all the time, the time of Now, fractured past shattered in pieces of the future that lay like stone stairway stretching into the foggy forests of unknown.

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