Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy 2 year anniversary my love.

the night will come and cool out bodies , the rain will come and sprinkle our skin,
you and i will become just one, on this, the first night of our union.
the flowers will open and sing to us, cats will purr and meaow in our ears,
you and i will be forever just one, from this, the first night of our union
the sun will dip into the ocean from the sky,the owl will hoot from its branch on the tree,
together on the sands of time we will run,on this, the first day of our union.
look at the moon, how she smiles from the sky, see the stars, how they wink from up high,
will wave at them from here on the ground, on this, the first of night of our union.
(translated from a scene in an indian movie)

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