Wednesday, June 11, 2008

HOSPITAL gerney with a little old man lying under a sheet, in hall way that stretchers in both directions until u cant see the end anymore. deserted, automatic lights slowly shut off approaching from both vanishing points towards these two and hang suspended above them like spot lights on a stage cage , and
a medical transporter waits with him until the CT room is availble.
Patient: excuse me but do you know how i got here, what am i doing here?
Pushwell: sir, we are waiting so you can have some tests and pictures taken,
Patient: oh, i was just wondering, he smiles, old man in late 80's. kind and calm, blue happy eyes , "i have problems with my memories, ,my memory is shot", he smiles again, and goes back into his thoughts,
a minute passes, pushwell has been following the movemant of bug across the floor
patient: excuse me , can i ask you something ?
pushwell: sure
Patient: i was just wondering , how did i get here? i have problems with my memory , my memory is shot , do you know how i got here?
pushwell: sir , i am just a transporter, i don't have that information , but , when this ct is over, i will ask your nurse, i promise , and let you know , how it was that you ended up here, ...
Patiant: i am cold
Pushwell: here, i have some blankets, they keep this place cold , so Germs wont Thrive, he laughs inside
Patient: thanks , feels much better, can i ask you something?
Pushwell: anything, (leaning against invisible edge of nothing).
patient: i just cant recall how i got here, do you know how i ended up here to today? i feel so good, he boxes in the air in slow motion , in the oldest sweetest way , and (Pushwell smiles for the first time that day shakes his head and wishes for healthy life
Pushwell : i know you look pretty healthy to me , don't worry i am going to see if i can find out whats going on and how it is that you arrived here today.
few minutes later, circle ends , they arrive where they had left standing there, both sharing their sentences , doing the time, or time doing them in, round and round , they spin, just standing there, one lying on a bed one leaning against the dead.Ends the minute and circle begins again:
patient: excuse me can i ask you something, how did i get here, i feel so good, i just cant remember, do you think , i know this is not possible, but maybe , the doctors , can get me a memory ?:
pushwell: don't know about that but i know that memories do come back, ( he know s he is lying so he looks away what else can he say?), do you have any family ? who are you living with? do you live around here?
patiant: thinks for a minute and replies, it is one of my grandchildren , but i am not sur e which one though ...
pushwell: well that is good, you will be home in a few hours then, lies again, he looks at his hands, he is getting old too, he is next, this old man is him in a wider circle in the future , sooner than he thinks probably,as silence comes in like a wave and washes present into the past a fresh question arises in my old friends mind.
patiant: do you know how i got here? i just cant remember, my memory is shot? i cant remmeber how i got here, i feel good , what am i doing here?
pushwell: sir, you are in a hospital, we are about to do some tests, we are waiting for a room to become availble. we have all become machines, playing around with machines , and then
patiant: smiles , a copy of a minute ago, i am fine, i feel good, but , i have this problem, with remembering things, i cant remmeber what am i doing here
pushwell: its ok when we get back i will find out how and why you got here , and i bet one of your grandchildren is waiting to pick you up soon as we do these tests
patiant: smiling he says , dont wont to be a bother but , i have this problem with memories, i just cant remmeber how i got here, dont want to be too much trouble , but can someone please tell me how is that i got here? and will i be going home soon ?
pushwell notices the door opens and answers , yes home soon, right after these tests, knowing as he pushes the old man inside the white room where strange machines wait and souls seize to exist , where clocks are nowhere to be found, angels wait with white gowns and masks , with their shiny spears and swords. tubes run across back and forth and lines draw across windows glowing in green that none of us will ever reach home,here stuck in time.

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