Sunday, July 22, 2007



Rob said...
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drips of paint said...

amazing....the beauty of this makes me thinks life is really just a whole bunch of energy among a vast nothingness...whatever that means???

Rob said...

nothingness is where all comes from and it returns to, its is the essence indeed.

"Nothing was first and shall be last,
for nothing holds for ever'
and nothing ever yet scapt death
so cant the longest liver:
Nothing is so immortall, nothing can,
from crosses ever keepe a man,
nothing can live when the world is gone
For all shall come to nothing.

drips of paint said... is gone...nothing left..."nothing" as a word do not exist...

hmmm good....the darkest secret is nothing...I'll sleep with that for a while...

Rob said...

"The Darkest secret is nothing" i like that , good dreams .