Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Thinking Of A Friend At Night
by Hermann Hesse

In this evil year, autumn comes early...
I walk by night in the field, alone, the rain clatters,
The wind on my hat...And you? And you, my friend?

You are standing--maybe--and seeing the sickle moon
Move in a small arc over the forests
And bivouac fire, red in the black valley.
You are lying--maybe--in a straw field and sleeping
And dew falls cold on your forehead and battle jacket.

It's possible tonight you're on horseback,
The farthest outpost, peering along, with a gun in your fist,
Smiling, whispering, to your exhausted horse.
Maybe--I keep imagining--you are spending the night
As a guest in a strange castle with a park
And writing a letter by candlelight, and tapping
On the piano keys by the window,
Groping for a sound...

--And maybe
You are already silent, already dead, and the day
Will shine no longer into your beloved
Serious eyes, and your beloved brown hand hangs wilted,
And your white forehead split open--Oh, if only,
If only, just once, that last day, I had shown you, told you
Something of my love, that was too timid to speak!

But you know me, you know...and, smiling, you nod
Tonight in front of your strange castle,
And you nod to your horse in the drenched forest,
And you nod to your sleep to your harsh clutter of straw,
And think about me, and smile.
And maybe,
Maybe some day you will come back from the war,
and take a walk with me some evening,
And somebody will talk about Longwy, Luttich, Dammerkirch,
And smile gravely, and everything will be as before,
And no one will speak a word of his worry,
Of his worry and tenderness by night in the field,
Of his love. And with a single joke
You will frighten away the worry, the war, the uneasy nights,
The summer lightning of shy human friendship,
Into the cool past that will never come back.


*ItkUpiLLi* said...

oh that is A beautiful poem indeed...

Enemy of the Republic said...

Rob, I like this. I like how you feel about things. It's hard to explain.

Rob said...
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Rob said...

cool , thanks for visiting.

*ItkUpiLLi* said...

Rob...i am not visiting....i will stay...:)

ThanKwee-Anajo said...


Some people visit.

Some we relate to and they never leave.

Sometimes people can be so fickle. And others end up being true friends.

Rob said...

Only time can tell!

ThanKwee-Anajo said...

Yes, only time can tell.

And time heals.

Time is relative.

Rob said...

The old way of looking *(before
Einstein) was that every point in space would have the same time.
That anything happening at some other place would be simultaneous
with what is happening here. When Einstein realized that the velocity
of light was the same for all observers, then it meant that all points
in space do not have the same time. It also means that you would
disagree with someone else who is far away about the sequence of events
and you could not agree is two event were simultaneous. What this
meant was that time and the three directions in space were very much
like four different dimensions of space, that time was really very
much like one of the x,y,or z directions. Relativity effects arise
mostly out of the mixing together of these different directions in
a four dimensional space.

*ItkUpiLLi* said...

OMSG! Rob! this is my fav subject....albert was the man...