Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Van the man, a true poet of the first degree.

By the mansion on the hillside
Red sports car comes driving down the road
And pulls up into the driveway
And a story does unfold
She's standing by the rhododendrons
Where the roses are in bloom
Looking out at the Atlantic ocean
And in her head she hums this tune

Thank God the dark nights are drawing in again'
Cos high summer has got me down
I'll wait till the end of August
And get off this merry-go-round

And they shut him out of paradise
Called him Lucifer and frowned
She took pride in what God made him
Even before the angels shot him down to the ground

He's a light out of the darkness
And he wears a starry crown
If you see him, nothing will shake him'
Cos high summer has got him low down

High summer's got him lonesome
Even when he makes the rounds
There's been no two ways about it
High summer's got him low down

Checked in to the tiny village by the lakeside
Settled down to start a new
Far away from the politicians
And the many chosen few
Far away trom the jealousy factor
And everything that was tearing him apart
Far away from the organ grinder
And everyone that played their part

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