Saturday, June 16, 2007

A lone bird sings 3:47 Am to 3:56 Am.

Last night i couldnt sleep so i decided to go outside and watch the stars see if i can catch a meteor or a shooting star or some kind of flying object, but instead i heard this bird whom mustv been few houses down sing her song. Everyone was sleeping because of late hour and there was no other sound but hers which made it very cool. such presence she had wow, anyways i was thinking what would she be singing about. it cant be just random sounds, because each sound she made had different durations and tones. i thought probably she is telling her life story, she probably couldnt sleep or i v heard some birds do that to scare away other animals around their nest especialy if they have eggs they are protecting.she was singing, once upon a time i found myself in a nest way up on top of a beautiful green tree. my mom came to me first time i saw her from the blue sky, she brought me the tastiest worms ever. i slept under her wings and listened to her heartbeat for many moons, then she sang about her first flight, how she was full of fear and excitemant. and how when she had used her wings she had flown like an arrow and kept flying for a whole day. then the song got a little bit sad, more silences between her voice. she sang one day her mom never came back and she knew it was time for her to leave and build her own nest, and how one day when she was collecting twigs she had almost got eaten by a cat (not lucy) but because this other bird had warned her about the danger by actualy flying over the cats head and pokeing it with his beak, bravest bird he was, she had survived and how after that they had decided to build the nest together. she finished her song by saying that now she sits on her eggs singing songs to her little ones that will hatch soon waiting for her love to come tommorow back home from hunting worms.

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